Watch our Founder’s week long blind challenge

A documentary made with Iconic Steps about Laura Westcott from Soundcheque, ltd. going blind for a week to raise money for those with Retinitis Pigmentosa.

She wore glasses which increasingly narrowed her vision day by day, and held a concert at the end of the week, where the audience also wore them, experiencing it as a blind person would. We shot the film over the week and for a couple of days before and after, I cut the sound together and the video was edited to go with it. For the full effect, please listen with headphones or well placed speakers.

Iconic Steps, the production company:
Soundcheque, the music providers:
RP, Fighting Blindness, the charity we were supporting:
Indigo Face, who kindly let us use their wonderful music:
Sound for Sight, the concert, coming again this year:
Rik at Beats Foundation, for giving us his recording of the concert:
Nearly all the sounds were recorded on location, but a few were taken from:
To achieve the stereo placement, I made extensive use of Wave Arts Panorama 5:

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